Erik Polanco

Erik Polanco

President and Chief Executive Officer

Erik Polanco serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of SecurTec LLC. His reputation is built on his astute grasp of the security industry and ability to navigate its challenges, offering insights and solutions to organizations seeking to protect their assets and interests. With a diverse background in security management and governmental advisory roles his multifaceted background brings a distinctive expertise to the helm of SecurTec.

Erik’s contributions have been instrumental in safeguarding critical assets and prioritizing the protection of individuals and organizations. He has been  entrusted to oversee vital and emergency OCONUS security projects for various U.S. Federal Departments and Agencies, assuming responsibility from project inception to on-site implementation and eventual conclusion. His proficiency in navigating austere environments has been instrumental in overseeing complex security operations under challenging circumstances.

A trusted security partner to the private sector, Erik provides invaluable counsel to executives, operators, and managers across a diverse range of industries, including energy, utilities, real estate, engineering consulting, and construction.  His adaptability in dynamic settings allows him to develop comprehensive security programs and effectively oversee security operations within a variety of environments, from corporate offices to industrial processing facilities and less developed regions of the World.

In addition to his corporate leadership, Erik serves as an Advisor to many Federal, State, and Territorial legislators, offering insights into governmental policies and regulations. This expertise enables him to navigate complex regulatory environments, develop effective risk management strategies, and align security initiatives with governmental priorities. He understands the importance of collaboration between the private and public sectors in addressing security challenges.

Erik’s dedication extends to his local community, where he actively contributes to The Big Heart Brigade and The Ashley Marie Hegland Foundation. As a board member, he supports impactful initiatives that over the last thirty years have provided over two million meals to underserved communities and raised awareness about mental health within the Law Enforcement community.  Erik hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and enhance the overall welfare of his community.

  • President and Chief Executive Officer – SecurTec
  • Principal – Palm Cedar Holdings
  • Vice President and Board Member – The Big Heart Brigade
  • Board Member – Resource Group of North America
  • Board Member – The Ashley Marie Hegland Foundation
  • Advisory Board Member – Keiser University, IT and Business Analytics Advisory Board
  • Advisory Board Member – Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police