Rod Dorilás, J.D.

Rod Dorilás, J.D.

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer

Rod Dorilás serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of SecurTec LLC, where he brings a wealth of experience in legal and regulatory compliance from his distinguished background in the public sector. He plays a critical role in overseeing SecurTec’s adherence to legal compliance requirements and serves as a representative for the company on legal matters.

Throughout his career, he has held positions in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Assistant Attorney General, the Office of White House Counsel, and was appointed and served as Counsel to The Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Rod has provided invaluable legal advice and guidance to top ranking officials in the U.S. government on various critical matters including the Bureau of Industry and Security, Congressional oversight and correspondence, the 2020 Census, and FOIA litigation.

Drawing on his background, Rod develops and implements programs to ensure strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, and corporate policies.  He oversees corporate risk management which enables him to identify and mitigate legal and regulatory risks associated with operations and contracts. Additionally, Rod oversees international host nation compliance for SecurTec, ensuring that the company’s operations and activities fully adhere to the laws, regulations, and requirements of our international clients and projects.

Rod’s adept navigation of intricate legal frameworks not only fosters successful partnerships with both domestic and international clients and stakeholders but also reinforces SecurTec’s steadfast commitment to global compliance.


  • Office of the General Counsel – United States Department of Commerce
  • Office of the General Counsel – The White House
  • Office of the Assistant Attorney General – United States Department of Justice
  • Fire Controlman Second Class – United States Navy


  • Doctor of Law – College of Law, Syracuse University
  • Bachelors of Science, Criminal Justice – Florida International University


  • Security and Strategy Fellow – The Alexander Hamilton Society
  • Vice President of Maritime Affairs – Navy League of the United States